ALUMA Tray Fifth Wheel/Goose Neck Addition


Overland Explorer Vehicles

After measuring the 6.75’ and 8’ Aluma Tray and the Aluma Tray HD, we have determined that the Tray Crossmembers should not interfere with either the Fifth Wheel/King Pin and/or Goose Neck Styles.

Goose Neck:

– The Dealer will need to locate and drill out the hole on the tray surface to insert or remove the ball hitch, ensure
it is oversized for ease of use.
-When installing this style, the Tray can be kept as low as possible without concern or interference, the Tray will
remain fully isolated and allowed to move independently of the truck frame.

Fifth Wheel/King Pin:

-The Dealer will need to locate and drill multiples holes to attach the Fifth Wheel/King Pin Plate to the factory
frame mounts or aftermarket frame mounts, if after market, use a frame mounting style ONLY.
– All Trays are isolated and must remain isolated to avoid pinching the fifth wheel plate and Tray surface at time
of installation using a non-frame mounting style system. If pinched, it will certainly result in damage to the Tray
while in use. Only use a frame mount style to avoid damages to the Tray.

If upper side boxes are used on the Tray in conjunction with a Fifth Wheel/Goose Neck style Trailer ensure that
the Trailer will not interfere with the boxes by having adequate clearance(s) to avoid damages.

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