U.S.A. & Canadian Dealership Opportunities

Hello Eastern Canada !

OEV is looking for a dealer in your area, optimally in Ontario. Our campers will be right at home in your environment, they are insanely rugged, compact and off-grid for getting & staying in the most remote places while being light enough to tow your boat or ATV doing it !  We know this has your customers written all over it.

Hey Western Canada ! 

OEV is looking for a dealer in British Columbia and because our campers were born and tested in your back yard you know, we know what takes to conquer the Rocky’s !

We have built exactly what our/your customers want a light weight, insanely rugged, compact off-grid camper to get them on that lake or peak they’ve been chasing.

Welcome U.S.A.

Inquiries are always welcome we would love talk with you, please forward your info and we will gladly reach out and answer any questions you have about joining the OEV Family.

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