Overland Pop-Up Camper

The Overland Explorer CAMP-X is a lightweight, composite slide in pop up camper designed specifically for the full size ½ ton truck market. Our campers are designed with a proprietary panel and extrusion system to keep weight extremely light, extremely tough, and extremely warm (or cool!). With new extrusions designed specifically for this application, thermal transfer has been almost eliminated keeping the interior more comfortable in inclement weather. Along with the very high insulating value of our hybrid wall, we incorporated a fully insulated soft side, it is a standard feature that will keep you warm….or cool and it’s substantially quieter than a single panel side. Our heavy duty locking roof supports are easy to use, and lock solidly in place, a foot of heavy wet snow….no problem!

We used a lot of experience in the design of this camper, we also used the experience of a lot of owners and travelers using similar products, we feel the results are a near perfect marriage of real world function and manufacturing technology. We designed the CAMP-X to use a portable fridge, along with a portable cooktop. Why hard mount these everyday use items that take up more space and weight hauling a couple of portable pieces of kit to use outside? Let’s just take the inside out instead. The vertically mounted 10 pound propane tank provides the convenience of volume with reduced handling. Efficient Truma forced air and hot water heating systems reduce weight, and the space savings equate to more storage space for your gear.

Our list of standard features is a selection of available high quality componentry, which only compliments the one component not available anywhere else….the foundation.

Camp-X Pop Up Camper for Trucks

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