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Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Adventure Series

Overland Explorer Inc. (LITE) is a recognized Master Up Fitter with Mercedes Canada, meaning – we conform to all requirements set out by Mercedes Benz for van conversions backed by warranty. There are advantages to working with a master up fitter, don’t take our word for it, ask your Mercedes dealer for more information on the Master Up Fitter Program before choosing your builder.  We are also FMVSS/CMVSS certified meaning - we are able to provide Up Fits for both Canadian and American customers.

Sprinter builds start with a conversation, from there we go into the layout and options, once we determine what the final build looks like we both sign off and go to the deposit stage to firm up your spot in our production schedule. Building a Sprinter is a process, much like building a house.

The Sprinter comes in a variety of configurations; the 144″ (low or high roof), 170″ high roof and 170″X high roof, in a 2500 or 3500 series chassis. They are offered in both 2wd and 4wd versions. Before you purchase your Sprinter it is best to select the correct chassis for your build to ensure you stay within your gross vehicle weight.

A converted Sprinter results in additional weight being added to the vehicle, with this and traction control you would be surprised at where you can get in a 2wd. If you find yourself on trails with mud or sand the 4wd will likely be the route you want to go, but if you are on pavement and gravel the 2wd may suit your purposes just fine.

All of the furniture materials used in our builds are custom fabricated and finished by our technicians. The materials of choice are aluminum that are offered in different thicknesses and strengths depending how and where they are used in the build. We adhere stringently to the requirements set out by Mercedes engineers that include fasteners to not only fulfill our Masters Up Fitters Agreement but to give our customers exactly what they paid for – quality and peace of mind that their build is done to the highest standard. All ancillary equipment that has been chosen for our builds are qualified by not only us but other industries as well, tried , tested and true. In many cases our technicians have taken different levels of training to aide not only in the installation and testing but also in trouble shooting should a problem with a component arise.

We have developed a number of configurations that check the boxes for the majority of our customers. 

Give us a call or shoot us an email to learn more about these packages, let’s start a conversation!