2018 TDK Explorer Trailer



We are pleased to announce the Explorer TDK will being going back into production in a limited capacity for 2018 thanks to the numerous requests of several Overlanders throughout North America. The TDK’s will be produced in runs of 10 units based on the specification we have provided, we are unable to produce custom units.

To accommodate this limited production run;

  • a 5% deposit will be collected by those that are interested in a unit
  • the production run will be booked after we have received 7 orders/deposits
  • If we have not received the 7 deposits by Dec 15, 2018 we will refund any deposits made to us and the product will be shelved

As with all of our 2018 composite builds the TDK will be using our proprietary next generation wall panel system. These are hybrid panels using Poly Propylene Honeycomb with an Iso-Foam core, they are structurally superior and demonstrate fantastic thermal values and sound attenuation. They are by far the best composite panel on the market today.

TDK - 2018 Production Model Specs (pdf)