Overland Explorer


Our infrastructure includes: design, engineering, destructive testing, full scale manufacturing complete with welding, mechanical, powder coating and final assembly. All models are CSA (Canadian Standards Association) approved and meet NFPA 1192. LITE also holds TC (Transport Canada) final stage manufacturing certification. Our business like any other is largely customer driven, our customers have come to rely on our expertise in the development of lighter, stronger products all while complying with stringent transportation laws. Over the last 10 years LITE Industries Ltd has identified and specialized in lighter, stronger building materials for anything mounted and transported on highways or off road. As a result, the natural progression for us was to pursue Composite Materials. LITE began evaluating composite materials, adhesives, mechanical fasteners and extrusions. This led us into developing our own proprietary build technology or system. This technology enables each build to utilize very limited amounts of mechanical fasteners. Our focus instead has been the use of adhesives. This technique makes up 90% of the structural bonds on the Overland Explorer Bodies.

Today, LITE Industries produces a full commercial line of composite bodies that are used in a variety of different industries. Expedition Vehicle customers have needs very similar to those on the commercial side. They prefer a product that is structurally superior, extremely light weight and 100% resilient to moisture. Our goal remains the same – to manufacture a product that is extremely light weight without sacrificing product integrity and strength. All products that are used have been closely scrutinized. They must exceed our high expectations. This is verified through a series of our own internal design, engineering and testing processes. All tests are carried out to failure to determine how much force is required to destroy it. This information is extremely valuable. It enables us to determine where the design and/or product(s) need improvement or whether the part might become problematic after repeated use. Equal amounts of attention are given to the ancillary equipment as well. Just because it looks good does not necessarily mean it will remain functional. We strive to eliminate gadgetry products and lean heavily towards functional. The acronym K.I.S.S (keep it simple stupid) speaks volumes, if you eliminate the complexity of a product/system it may result in a weight reduction and equally as important increase reliability.

Finally, we focus on the end product finish quality. If we have done everything else correctly up to this point then the finishing falls into place with ease. How our product functions and how it appears is very important to us. If we design quality, build quality, utilize qualified quality products then we have attained our goal of delivering a product that will exceed our customers’ expectations.

The first cabin configuration constructed was the Flatbed Camper Model (Dual Sport X10) which rests on a custom designed aluminum deck mounted on a Dodge Ram 2500 chassis.

The Prototype Flatbed build can be seen courtesy of The Expedition Portal Forum at: Flatbed Truck Camper Prototype. 

To attain additional information about LITE Industries Ltd, please visit the LITE Commercial Website by clicking on the picture provided below.