Sales Promotion Terms and Conditions Policy

  • Time frame:
    • Applies to the calendar time period for which the promotion is valid for.
  • Eligibility:
    • Applies to New Orders Only.
  • Order Modification:
    • Cancellation of a previous order and subsequent new order placement by the same customer to take advantage of a promotion is not permitted.
  • Required Accessories:
    • Applies to items that may require an accessory to allow the promotion offered to work on the camper. These accessories are not part of the promotion.
  • Promotion Limitations:
    • Should the customer not want the offered promotion, it should be noted:
      • A promotion has no cash value, therefore, is not eligible to be exchanged for cash and applied to the purchase price or product options offered.
      • A promotion cannot be swapped with previous promotions offered outside the current promotion time period.
  • Not Valid with Other Promotions:
      • The current promotion cannot be combined with any other previous or ongoing promotions, discounts or offers for that model.
  • No Returns or Exchanges:
      • All sales made during the promotion are final; no returns or exchanges will be accepted.
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