Slide In Pop-Up Truck Bed Campers

Truck Bed Campers

Slide in pop-up truck campers offers single campers, camping pairs, and camping families the ease and convenience of camping anywhere right from the top of their truck beds. These campers easily slide into your truck bed and offer the most important amenities for a successful camping trip; warm sleeping quarters, a kitchen nook, a meal preparation area, and additional storage space for your travels.

Here at Overland Explorer Vehicles, we offer a wide selection of slide-in pop-up truck bed campers to choose from for a variety of truck sizes and camping styles. Whether you’re a minimalist who doesn’t require a lot of space or you’re looking for a camper with extra storage space and amenities, we have the camper for you.

Our campers are built using 100% composite materials – no wood used both in the shell and the interior furniture. We designed these units to stand the test of time all while being used off-raod. These units are light weight, thermally superior and extremely comfortable thanks to the construction process and the ancillary products used in each build.

Benefits Of Slide In Pop-Up Truck Bed Campers

Owning a slide in pop-up truck bed camper comes with a plethora of benefits. First, it offers the freedom of traveling without the hassle of finding accommodations or worrying about setting up a tent. As the camper sits on the back of your truck, you can easily park and set up camp wherever you want.

Additionally, using a slide in pop-up truck camper saves you money on lodging expenses because you have your own mobile accommodation. The slide-in feature allows for easy installation and removal, and removes the worry of having to hassle with trailer hookups and pulling around a massive camper trailer.

Moreover, these campers are lightweight and easier to maneuver on or off road than larger campers, making them more fuel-efficient.

Lastly, you can easily switch between carrying cargo in your truck bed to loading up for a camping trip with the slide-in pop up camper, which offers a comfortable and cozy place to relax after a day of exploring the great outdoors.

How You Can Get Yours

Our campers are available for purchase all at once or with financing options. We also have camper options available to rent for commitment-free camping. To get yours, reach out to us via our contact page and we’ll get you on the road with a new camper in no time.

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