inquiring minds want to know...

Where can we view product?

Touch & feel is very important, please contact your nearest dealer to schedule an appointment.  Here too at the factory we are by appointment only, please call to schedule an appointment.

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Whats the Warranty

Composite walls carry a 5 year limited warranty.  Soft wall is 3 year limited warranty.  The ancillary equipment carries there own warranty. Ask your dealer/sales rep for more information.

How Many People Can You Fit In A CAMP-X?

Seriously 3-4 people depending on how the good lord built ya!

Is Financing available?

Our dealers in the USA have made financing arrangements with various lenders, please contact for more info.  Here in Canada most charter banks offer RV financing.

How Does a CAMP-M / X- mount on a truck?

We use our 3 pc direct to frame bed mounting kit, we also utilize Tork lift Derringer tie downs to securely anchor the camper in place.  Currently we also use a 1/2″ rubber bed mat, this helps prevent the camper from moving around and protects the exoskeleton from any damage by bed mount kits – depending on truck model.

what certifications do you have?

We are a CMVSS (Canadian Motor Vehicles Safety Standard), FMVSS (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard), NHTSA (National Hi-way Transportation Safety Association), accredited facility.  We are also an RVIA certified facility which means we are NFPA 1192 compliant.

do I have to make any modifications to my truck to carry a camp-m / x

This really depends on the truck model, how much weight you will carry & if you are towing?  All of our dealers have the facilities and the knowledge to assess your needs, accompanied with the correct equipment to set up your truck. 

Can I buy a CAMP-HBE without your tray?

Our Hudson Bay camper and Lite Aluma series tray have been designed as a system ie: the tray has been specifically engineered for the tie down locations to safely distribute loads and maintain a low center of gravity.  Plus the tray has storage elements for item such as the optional folding stairs. and as light weight as possible.

Should you choose any another tray/deck and damages result from the improper securing or inability to carry the load will void all warranties.

How Much Does it Weight?

Please see the associated specs sheets for each of the models OEV manufactures.  Our base weight does not include a battery or jacks and is based on a dry weight- meaning no water.

Do you still build the TDK trailer?

No.  We are focusing on our truck mounted Composites only.

What Awnings Fit on pop up campers?

Because there are so many awning’s available today, we have designed our awning mounting brackets to be fairly universal so more then likely it will bolt right on.

Do you still build Sprinters?

We are finishing a few Sprinter bookings we have then we are focusing on our truck mounted Composites. only.

  We will still produce our Sprinter DIY accessories.